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Cobra Parts 

At Python Vehicles we supply parts to Cobra enthusiasts and with our extensive network of suppliers in America we can get any part needed. With our knowledge and experience we'll help you find the part that you need. 


All parts are available but wait times may occur depending on stock of the product. Pick up is preferred but delivery can be arranged upon request. 

*Please be aware that all prices will change in accordance with fluctuations in the US dollar and the Uk pound. SO GET YOUR ORDERS IN EARLY


*most parts are kept in stock at all times and any that are not will be ordered and delivered within five days.

Popular parts



Classic instuments avaliable, Five or Six gauge kits including speedo (Km/h), Tacho, fuel guage, oil pressure, water temp, volt / amp.
all gauges come with sender units also gps units for speedos avaliable

Clocks available for an extra $200.


Price - $1500


Steering Wheel


Cobra 9 Mark 3 laminated mahogany and birch. Comes dished with polished spokes in 14" or 15" diameter and custom adaptors to suit most hubs also avaliable 


Price - POA

Hubs - $110

Cobra Wheels


Cobra Wheels comes standard with polished aluminum rim and powerder coated grey centers avaliable in 5 lug bolt on patternts and pin drive 15,16,17, 18, 19 inch diameters are avaliable and all wheels come with alloy spinners


please view the attached diagram for information on how to check back spaces


Price - $4500-$6500

Python Chassis


Python Tubular chassis

Comes complete with fabricated upper and lower suspension arms front and rear includes 14 stainless steel rod ends.


Price - $15,000