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Tinted sun visors


Tinted sun visors including all fitting hardware.


Price - $195


Shifter lever & Knob


We have different models of shifter levers. These were fitted in 289 and 427 cars. They are chrome with non function lockout.


Price - $205


Python Cobra Seats


Python Custom Cobra seats produced in-house can come in raw steel un-upholstered.



Price - $560 each 

Steering Wheel


Steering wheel MK3-9 - Laminated mahogany and beech dish polished spokes comes in 14’ or 15’
Custom adapter to suit most hubs ($110)


Price - $585 (Motalita)


Python Gauges

Classic instruments available, Five or Six gauge kits including speed (Km/h), Tacko, fuel gauge, oil pressure, water temp, volt / amp. 

All gauges come with sender units and gps units for speed available

Clocks available for an extra $200.


Price - $1500


Rollbar Harness Member


Crossbar member attaches ro rollbar and allows racing harnesses to attach to eyelets. Made for 2 inch rollbars. Includes fastening bolts, sleeve and eyebolts


Price - $180


Rear view mirror


Rear view mirror chromed including stem steel backing plate


Price - $60-$120


Gear Shift Rubber Boot


Gear boot  


Price - $60


Perspex wind wings


Clear perspex wind wings including all fitting hardware.


Price - $195


Boot latch


Boot latch zinc plated 


Price - $35


Soft and Hard top Latches


Mounts to side of the windscreen 


Price - $120


Door Locks & Striker Pins




Price - $150


Interior inc boot carpet


Custom made interiors starting at $6500 


Python interiors 

Price - $6500


AC Pedals


AC Pedals, cast in alloy with the AC logo engraved and painted blue


Price - $55 ea.


Fibreglass buckets with side holes for racing harness application as used on Python Hill Climb special. Raw glass in numerous colours available

Price - ring for quote

Dash Lights


Tell tail dash lights + globe


Price - $30 each


*Please be aware that all prices will change in accordance with fluctuations in the US dollar and the Uk pound. SO GET YOUR ORDERS IN EARLY


*most parts are kept in stock at all times and any that are not will be ordered and delivered within seven to ten days international.

Python steel framed Seats


Python Custom Cobra seats produced in house upholstered comes in singles or a pair


Price - $1200


Python Cobra Seats


Python Custom Cobra seats produced in-house fibreglass seats with 60's styled upholstering.


Price - $950 inc each


Boot Stay


Price - $40

Bonnet stay

Price - $66

Bonnet Hinge 


To suit Python Cobra application and can be customized for other Cobra kit.


Price - $220