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Powered by Ford Fender badge 


 Powered by ford comes with backing pins 


Price - $75 pr


427 Fender emblem


427 side fender emblem used on all big block cars with backing pins included


Price - $75 pr


AC Nose badge


AC chromed nose badge with backing pins introduced on auto craft vehicle 1957 


Price - $65 each


302 Fender badge


Side fender badge depicting engine size limited number enquire for stock avaliability 


Price - $75pr

(currently not available)


Cobra nose and boot lid emblem


Comes with two backing pins for mounting 


Price - $75 ea


289 Fender badge 


289 side fender badge comes with backing pins 


Price - $75 pr


Valve Caps 


AC cobra wheel air tube nuts 


Price - $60 set


Centre Horn Buttons




Price - $65 each


Centre Horn Button Emblem




Price - $65 each


Cobra Badge




Price - $75 pr


Cobra Plaques




Price - $40 each


*Please be aware that all prices will change in accordance with fluctuations in the US dollar and the Uk pound. SO GET YOUR ORDERS IN EARLY


*most parts are kept in stock at all times and any that are not will be ordered and delivered within seven to ten days international.