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Cobra Kits

Python Vehicles has been making AC Cobra replica cars for the past 36 years so when it comes to anything Cobra our knowledge and experience can't be beaten. Whether you're wanting to build a Cobra to take to the racetrack or wanting something to cruise around on the weekend we have you covered. No two Python AC Cobra replica cars are the same because we let our clients control exactly how they want their machine to look and feel. From custom paint jobs to custom interior we do it all to suit your requirements. We are one of the last shops in Australia that manufactures AC Cobra replica cars locally with local businesses making the chassis and body for the cars. 

"Proudly Australian"


We have a few different models that are available for purchase as kits or as a car we will custom build for you. All cars can be purchased as a Kit or as turn key and can be fully registered or placed on the club permit scheme system.


Hill Climb special

Model: Python H.C/S


Body - Hand laid fiberglass body including all panels, doors, bonnet & boot.

Chassis -  Round tube race designed Python ,8.8 Diff with Detroit tru trac, Python in floor pedal box, F/R suspension arms with nylothane bushings


Brakes - Vented outboard rear disc with single spot SVT ford callipers with integrated handbrake ,Vented front disc with single spot girlock/PBR callipers


Engine - 347 cubic inch Ford small block, 4 speed Jericho gearbox square cut gears / no synchro’s, Tilton Clutch assembly


Body - Simpson 5 spot racing harness with integrated inertia real seat belts for street use, Python Padded fiberglass racing seats


Tyres - 5 Pin drive Halibrand rims with Goodyear eagle tyres 

Original Python S

Model: Python S


Body - Hand laid fiberglass body, includes all panels. Doors, bonnet & boot


Chassis -  Round tube 3" main rails including independent front and rear suspension arms with race adjustments, 8.8 Ford diff with alloy Ford uprights


Brakes - Front/280mm vented discs with single spot PBR callipers. Rear/260mm vented disc with single spot Ford SVT callipers with integrated hand brake.


Front/ Rear - Independent upper and lower control arms with stainless steel nylothane rod ends


Suspension - Front / Rear: shockers QA1 coil overs


Specs - Gearbox - 6 Speed, Gear ratios; 1st 2.9, 2nd 2.07, 3rd 1.43, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.80, 6th 0.62, Clutch Diaphragm type


Wheels - 5 pin Halibrand with spinners 15x8 front / 15x 10 rear


Tyres - Goodyear Eagles (as per original cobra) and Hill Climb Special


Python GTE/C (Race Kit)

Model: Python GTE/C


Rollers includes...

Body - with modified front clip removable, side exhaust pods, Python high flow bonnet intake, passenger aero canopy, front spoiler with canards, extended rear quarter with aero outlets rear single plane wing.


Chassis - Round tube with extra torsion and beam bars, CAMS approved rollbar with harness attachments. Driver to dash "petty" bar, 'x' members and straight bar through chassis for side intrusion


Front / Rear - suspension arms includes...

lengthened for wider track, chromyl rod ends, front GM uprights strengthened, Ford alloy rear uprights with hemispherical joints, caster camber with toe in and out adjustments


Front - vented discs 340mm by 40mm with alloy hat & 6 spot brake callipers


Rear - vented disc 300mm x 30mm with alloy & 4 spot racing callipers


Wheels - two piece rims  18x11


Tyres - Michelin 300-680/18 Slicks


** Eligble as a 2B Marque Sports car comes with dedicated racing VIN

Python S/R Race 

Model: Python S/R


Body - With Modified front removable clip. standard width, Passenger canopy cover, hi-flow bonnet scoop, front spoiler with side canards and rear single plane spoiler.


Chassis - round tube with CAMS approved rollbar with diagonal bar and racing harness in doors, front struts supports by suspension hangers and front rear Tow hooks. 


Suspension - All suspension items as per GTE/C Kit


Front - Vented 330 disk rotors with 4 spot wilwood callipers.


Rear - Vented Ford SVT Mustang discs with single spot Ford Callipers.


Wheels - A Tyre Selection of 15" 17" 18" rims two piece, 5 bolt pattern. Sizes 8" and 10" wide


Tyres - Type of tyres available according to customers requirements. 


** Eligible as a 2B Marque Sports car comes with dedicated racing VIN

*** Can be used in speed trials such as Hill Climbs and club sprints and any other CAMS affilated event.

All Python Sports cars are eligible for CAMS log books. As per eligibility list